Interview to Elize (by official italian fanclub + fans) part I


– Hi Elize! This is Pinka from Elize Ryd Italy Page! As you know the following questions are from me and from your fans… First of all, how are you?
Hi Pinka, I am fine thank you! 🙂

– You’ve started your european tour. How is it going?
It feels good, exciting to be on our first headliner tour in Europe. We are hoping to see lots of people 🙂

Many of the songs on Amaranthe’s second album, The Nexus, seem to take place in a dystopian future where humans merge with mechanical parts. Could you please talk about where Amaranthe gets inspiration for your songs and what the lyrics are about?
I can tell you what I personally get inspiration from, I can’t say that this had to be the correct answer if you’d ask Olof or Jake. But I get inspiration from real life, dreams, nature, reality. Real experiences, fear of what is happening to our environment, the future, lost ones.

– Talking about tour, touring is hard, I mean you spend a lot of time on the tour bases. What do you usually do to kill time?
🙂 Hmm, I am actually bad at killing time, I’m just waiting. Sometimes I get inspiration to write a song. But most of the time in the bus I spend on sleeping. 🙂

– You’re friend with Simone Simons of Epica. I had interviewed her a long time ago and she said you are like a sister to her. What do you think about this friendship?
I agree, she’s my sis, haven’t talked to her in like two months now, but we usually keep in touch. I love her a lot!

– You are also friend with Tommy Karevik and Alissa. How was spending time with them?
We’ve did a couple of tours together with Kamelot, I like them both a lot, they are great people! Alissa is a huge role model and I admire her hard work for animals and the environment, on top of that she’s an amazing songwriter/artist. They are both very down to earth and sweet. I’m really hoping to see them again this summer! 🙂

– What about your gig with Nightwish? How was that experience? You sent them your demo when they were searching for the new singer and after years you were singing with them for one show. How do you feel?
I felt grateful and happy, though a bit irritated that I had to bring the lyrics, if I knew like at least the day before I could have rehearse and pulled of an even better performance. But it still was hell of a ride, a unique and totally unexpected experience. The audience response was the best, it’s what they did that always will make this evening unforgettable to me.

– What could you tell us about working with Amanda Somerville for Kamelot’s last album?
She’s a pro, a really talented and awesome woman. We had lots of fun together

– What about your music studies? Where did you start and what did you study?
I studied music theory for three years and then theatre, dance and singing at Performing arts school for three years.

– What are your favorite metal bands?
Evanescence, Kiss, Kamelot and Rammstein. I’m not sure if it’s really “metal”, I’m not so good at genres.

– What do you like about Italy and what don’t you? Did you try any italian food?
I love the food, I love the people and the beautiful cities.

– As a girl, you would love shopping. Do you often have shopping on tour? Which are your favorite stores?
Hihi, I love Sephora and Victoria’s Secret. 🙂

– And what about make up? What do you use?
I use different brands. My motto in general is to use as little makeup as possible. When I buy make I always look for three things: 1.Not tested on animals. 2.Organic 3.Mineral

– What is your favorite movie?
Dirty Dancing, Avatar and Key to redemption.

– Do you watch tv series? if so, which one?
Right now I follow “Orange is the New Black” on Netflix and “Top Model Sweden”. 🙂

– You come from Sweden, so can I guess you like/watch football? If you do like then which football club you support?
I don’t 😦 I watch only ice hockey since my boyfriend plays hockey. Right now he’s in a team called Leksands IF. But of course I’m a fan of Zlatan! 😉

– Would you like to start a page on the internet like “Elize Ryd Style” where you can talk about clothes and different kind of collections? I love the way you dress and also the way you do make-up, how you have your hair and everything. I saw your new page with the blog and you could have a page there or one just for the style! Post photos and even links to where you buy clothes and shoes and what products you use.
Ah, I like the idea! Thanks! I can definitely start to blog more about these kind of things. 🙂

– I wonder if you feel the love from your fans. I mean…I am a man and when a beautiful woman or even children and family and other men show me their love or that they like me very much…my days are better and I become happier.  It can be someone at the work or in the bar and so on. And I have follow your many fan-pages for many years and I can see she get so so much love!!! Do you feel it? Do your fans’ love make you happier? Or is this too much for you?
I definitely feel the love, and I hope my fans understands how much I love them back. I honestly adore my group of fans I think they’re adorable! I know how important it is with positive energy, good feedback and love for every human, so that’s what I want to chair. My group of fans has grown during the years so it’s become harder for me to keep up with answering personal comments and such, but I hope people understands that and doesn’t think I don’t do my best anymore. I started the blog also so that  I can write to my fans and make them feel like they are a part of my average day without leaving anyone outside.

– There were rumours that you were going to write a song dedicated to a very devoted  fan that you met on the North American tour! Is there any truth to that? If so, what would the song be called?
Haha, yes, it’s going to be called “Enshrined on my arm”. I’m still working on it. 😉

– How do you feel about all the fan pages on FB from so many different countries?
I love it, it makes me so happy to see that I have personal fans in so many countries, it’s amazing and I get so inspired by all that enthusiasm. It brings me a feeling that we are connected.

–  I’m a big fan of Amaranthe, I want to know if the Invincible Tour will go to other places after Europe, like South America (Brazil specifically), or if I have to wait till the tour for the next album to see you here.
I hope you don’t need to wait much longer, we are working on arranging a South American tour as soon as possible.

– Are you planning to work for a solo album?
I am, but I haven’t decide when yet. It would be lovely to put out something that could satisfy all kinds of listeners. I have written plenty of songs so right now I just need to find time, a music producer and musicians that can create the sound I’m hearing in my head.

– What about a part in Dragonland album?
I might do some other work with Dragonland again, it’s up to Olof.

– What is the most intimate and incredible thing a fan has ever done for you?
Oh, it’s hard to point out just one thing. All kind of signs, messages and gifts have a special place in my heart. One girl made me cry on stage because she had written something that really touched me. Everything from hearing that I’ve changed a person’s life to getting a homemade sweet gift has been intimate in their own way.


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    Interview with Elize Ryd by Elize’s Italian fansite!

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    When Amaranthe play in Tampere (Finland) ?

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