Interview to Elize (by official italian fanclub + fans) part II

This is the second part of an interview made by Elize Ryd Italy and some fans. The first part is available on this link:

Immagine– How many languages do you speak? Do you speak spanish or do you only know how to say “Hola ¿qué tal?”
Haha, I did study Spanish for a couple of years, but unfortunately I forgot a lot, I only remember some words and phrases. 🙂 Besides that I speak English and Swedish.

– There’s a growing fan base for European metal tours in Australia, as was evident with the success of Nightwish and Sabaton in 2013. Do you think Amaranthe will make it to Australia one day?
Our plan is to go there, so I think this could happen pretty soon. Soon for me is 2015.

-What person would you like to meet the most? Where would you like to live? (besides your current city). What is the craziest gift you have received from a fan?
I would like to meet Leonardo DiCaprio. I want to move to Las Vegas, New York or L.A. I received a crazy gift once, but I want to keep that a secret.

– What kind of song do you sing into the 2nd Timo Tolkki Avalon album ? How many songs ? Can you provide me some details ?
I am participating on two tracks only this time. One ballad and one uptempo. I really like both songs, haven’t heard the final result yet, but I hope they will be as great as I imagine them to be!

– And how was working with Timo Tolkki for “Timo Tolkki Avalon’s ” first album?
It was a great experience for me, fun and very emotional demanding.

– And what about “Shine”, the duet with Sharon Den Adel? Did you record it together?
No, we recorded the song separately.

– What inspires you to write your music? Considering “The Nexus” album is based on futuristic elements and sound, what inspired you to write futuristic songs?
The whole idea and the music itself inspired me a lot. We wanted to think new, and the future image suited Amaranthe’s style and musical idea perfectly. I gathered lots of inspiration from futuristic movies. It’s been an interesting and exciting theme to work around.

– Do you think the tours you have had with Kamelot have helped you musically?
It have helped me to gather experience in every aspect. But most of all it have helped me to get an output for my theatrical skills.

-Which type of dancing, specifically, did you study?
Ballet, jazz, modern jazz and tap dancing.

– Can you possibly tell us the meaning behind the following songs: Mechanical Illusion, Act of Depression and Razorblade?
The meaning of these songs may have a different meaning to Jake and Olof so it’s important to mention these are my personal thoughts behind these three tracks. When me and Olof wrote “Razorblade”, I wanted to write a song about bravery, dare to put up goals, be yourself and don’t let anyone stand in your way. Also don’t give up, even if you fail.
“Act of Desperation” is for me about desperation to find that place in your heart you really want to be at. And “Mechanical Illusion” is a song to the future, how things become more mechanical and how I wish I could stop it by reverse the time. End all wars, and create an evolution without all the mechanical danger that destroys all living life on earth.

– How do you think the women have influenced in the perspective of metal in this new age of new subconstructed paradigms? How do you think you could have felt, to admire a femenin role taking part of the metal scene when you were a child?
My biggest idols were Queen and Hole. Courtney Love wasn’t really a good role model besides being in a band with only woman. But I really liked their music and the fact that they were a female band gave me lots of inspiration as a kid. Again I’m not sure if that’s more Rock music than Metal. Also I was inspired by Nightwish years later when I was a teenager.

Hi Elize! Here in Brazil you have many fans of the band but only you came to Brazil ( with Kamelot) . We always hear about the possibility of the band come to here but nothing ever happened. It’s like a dream see the band here HAHAH.
Could you tell us if Amaranthe will play in Brazil at this new tour? And what you enjoyed the last time you have been here?
We will come! 🙂 I liked the people a LOT!

– What are your favorite pop or commercials artists? And I’ll wait for you after the italian gig on 26th march to sing together Dancing Queen by ABBA as you did at Så Ska Det Låta.
Haha, awesome! Besides Queen and Hole, ABBA were my biggest idols! I always love ABBAs music, I’m looking forward to sing Dancing Queen with you! 🙂 I like Lady Gaga, Lana Del Ray, Avicii and Beyoncé.

– Do you watch tv series such as Once Upon A Time? If yes, what do you think about it?
I haven’t seen it, unfortunately I don’t follow many series, I am thinking about looking at Breaking Bad on this tour.

– When songwriting do you use personal experiences/feelings?

– What’s it like being the only girl in the band on tour?
It’s ok, I take the chance to meet and talk to female fans as much as I can on tour. But the guys are very nice to me and treat me with respect, so thanks to that it makes me feel comfortable. I wish I could sometimes experience being in a band with only females just for fun, I think I would have liked that. 😉 If you are a boy reading this, just imagine how it would feel like being the only guy in a band with only females… Of corse it makes you feel a bit odd, and you can’t act the way you do around your male buddies.

– Anette Olzon’s new album is coming out soon. Are you going to listen to it? While you were in tour with Nightwish, do you talk or spend some time with her? You are both from Helsingborg, right? Maybe you had meet in the past sometimes..
I did talk to her a lot, she’s a sweet, talented and intelligent woman. I will absolutely support her solo carrier by buying the album. She deserves to be successful on her own. I used to live in Ängelholm, just 20 minutes from her hometown. 🙂

– While touring with Kamelot, when the song “March of Mephisto” was played, you came on stage blind folded playing the drums. What is the significance of that performance when “March of Mephitso” is played?
That was Thomas Youngblood idea, he is an expert of creating an emotion with small effects like that, I think it suits the music and brings something extra to the live show.

– Will Amaranthe bring out a DVD?
Yes, it’s coming out soon, it’s a documentary blue ray about our first 7 years. I hope we will record a live DVD as well.

– I see that you toured with Kamelot for a good couple of years. How did it all begin? How did you get the opportunity to tour with Kamelot?
They found me through Amaranthe’s first demos on MySpace, Youngblood sent an e-mail and asked if I was interested in working with them.

– I have seen that Amaranthe will be releasing a new album this year. What can Amaranthe fans expect on the album?
Something very good, I hope, so far I like the songs very much. 🙂

– Will there be any songs on the new Amaranthe album that will be similar to the lyrics and sound from “The Nexus” album?
Hm, yes at least two or three what I know so far.

If you had the opportunity to be in a movie or TV series, would you consider acting for that role?
Absolutely, that’s my other dream, also I would have loved to do voiceover on a Disney movie. 😀

– You just won a Bandit Rock Award for “Best rock and role model 2014”. How did you feel when you were announced as the winner?
I was very surprised and a bit chocked. But most of all warm and happy. It’s always been an important aspect for me as a musician to also be a good role model, so this was one of the best things that have happened to me personally.

– Do you personally, or Amaranthe, have a name for your/their fans?
Amaranthines! 🙂

– What, or where, did you find your inspiration to become a singer?
In my family, my mom, brother and sister inspired me the most.

– What inspires you lyrically and musically, to write songs with your band Amaranthe? Do you find writing songs challenging?
I love writing vocal melodies. That’s my strongest skill, I usually find it very easy to create a melody if I get cords. In Amaranthe me Olof and Jake write the lyrics together. I always write from my heart, music appears in my head all the time. I don’t like to force music, music is a feeling put on a track, if it’s empty the listeners will feel that, and I wouldn’t be able to perform it live night after night.

– How does Amaranthe decide on what the next single will be, and who decides on the music video concepts?
Me, Olof, Jake and the record label.

– Would Amaranthe consider bringing out a concept album?
Maybe, I have not personally thought of that before. But it would be very fun.

– Do you design your own outfits, make-up, hair etc. when you perform live and when you have photo shoots taken?
I always decides everything myself besides when we took the cover for The Nexus album I did had a stylist.

– I see you are quite active on Facebook and YouTube, and you are always kind towards your fans. I find that very insightful in an artist. How do you deal with all the haters out there? Have they ever bothered you, or do you focus more on your fans who appreciate what you do and who will always support you?

I like that question, and of corse I only focus on our/my fans and their support. Haters are not our/my fans so why should I listen to them? I just think it’s sad that some people put focus on hating someone or something that doesn’t harm anyone. There are enough tragedies and unfairness around the world to hate, we don’t need that in music.

– That’s all for now. Thanks for your time. Is there anything you would like to say to italian fans and your worldwide fans?
Keep fulfilling your dreams and stay as wonderful as you are! 🙂 Love you all! ❤



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